The Red Couch

Last night was the opening night of my Africa: People and Paraphenalia exhibition in Cape Town and I thought it went down really well - loads more people came than I expected. What I found really interesting to see were people's reaction to different photographs. Some photographs really stand out to some people more than others.

A lot of people loved this photo: I considered not including this in the exhibition as my husband vehemently hates this photograph. To him, it's a skanky couch, in a skanky alley, surrounded by dirt and mud (he is colour-blind so maybe that explains it). I personally love the the bright red couch and yellow splash of paint contrasted against the dull brown background. I find it humourous that there is this opulant couch (by Ethiopian standards!) in the context of African simplicity.

This is the great thing about art and photography - everyone's perception is different; it's a subjective thing. It's why I usually include a very wide selection of photos in all my wedding and portrait shoots. It makes sense that people are more subjective regarding their own image and see completely different aspects in a photo of themselves. What I think is a fantastic photo of someone, they may hate because of something they've seen that I don't even notice. Everyone is always more critical of their own image too. So I'll always include a lot of 'similar' photos for this reason.

On the exhibition side of things, it will be running for 3 more weeks until 27 June 2007. Thanks so much to everyone who made the effort to drag themselves out into the cold last night to come and have a look! Click HERE for a selection of what's being exhibited.

The Red Couch

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