Kaya and Derrick // Cape Town

Kaya and Derrick were out from San Diego, on holiday in Cape Town, where we did a non-wedding day wedding shoot on a very windy Cape summer's day. 

They looked absolutely amazing and Corle Barnard did a fabulous job of Kaya's make-up. I loved Kaya's red lips contrasting to the neutral surroundings. It's always so great to do a creative wedding shoot without the time pressure of a wedding day. 

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  • Kaya

    We are so very happy with our Photos Jules, and we haven't even seen all of them, but we just know they will be fabulous. Thank you so much for capturing such a special moment for us. :-)

  • Mama Merle

    What splendid photos of two authentic creative beings! I am so happy for you. Glad you finally made that last step over the broom to a blissful life together. Wishing you bundles of joy! And thanks for the surprise. I turned on my tablet for the 1st time today in Salvador da Bahia after watching a beautiful sunset from my verandah, and what pops up 1st? Voces! In matrimony in South Africa. Way to go! Modupe

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