Shahra and Razzaaq's Couple Shoot

It's pretty typical that when someone asks for the quintessential view of Table Mountain for their shoot that the midsummer weather turns nasty and the mountain disappears behind a thick curtain of rainy cloud, accompanied by a raging wind. Shahra and Razzaaq were completely unfazed by the weather and totally worked it for the camera - all I had to really do was push the button and keep the lens dry. I'm pretty sure that when I met up with them earlier this year they led me to believe that they hated having their photo taken, something about Razzaaq being shy in front of the camera? These guys were like professional models and provided the local canoe club, resident 'bergie' and car guard with a whole lot of eye candy entertainment on a rainy summer's evening.

I know I always go on about how awesome people are but these guys really are a fantastic couple and I can't wait for their wedding in 6 weeks time. Maybe I'm just lucky enough to always 'work' with awesome people.

Shahra and Razzaaq's Engagement
Shahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's EngagementShahra and Razzaaq's Engagement


  • Shahra Sattar

    My goodness me Jules, next to choosing Razzaaq to be my husband I think the next greatest decision I've ever made was to get you to be our photographer! These are phenomenal! My fave, of course, is the windy sea-sprayed-kiss...

  • Reida May

    Wow! Moody.... I like.

  • Dad

    So all you need is love and fresh air,sea, sand,rain wind......
    Don't give up on Hollywood yet!

  • Mo 'The big brother' Sattar

    Indeed, I think the pictures are going to be superb.

  • Gray

    I think these are beautiful! And they make you guys look like you are in some sort of movie. Shahra, I totally take back any misguided comments I made about a photographer being just another commodity! I am stoopid!

  • Mitchell Wong Ho

    Gorgeous stuff, Jules.

    Great to see you back in action!

  • Kat Serafino-Dooley

    Shak and Razzaaq...

    Forget the regrets about the summer weather...its perfectly characterist of you guys, UNUSUAL, DRAMATIC and putting on a water and wind fireworks display of passion as only the cape of storms can! ... I always think the grey overcast mood of rain makes cape town stand out- the grey defines the everything, draws an outline so that its greener somehow... much like how you guys made a rusted gate look BEAUTIFUL! Your photographer is a GENIUS!

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