Out of town for a while

I'm heading off to the Maldives to shoot Suzanne and Magnus's wedding and since it's quite a way to go, will be staying for a few extra days! I won't have access to phone or email during this time and will be back in reach on 26 May. I really REALLY won't be checking email for once. Really.

Since a blog post isn't a blog post without an image, here are 2 shots of the gorgeous Jude-meister... I don't usually post personal images here but I couldn't resist these!

Out of town for a while
Out of town for a while


  • Gary

    OK I admit it... that is cute!

  • Werner

    Jude the Dude! With that first shot alone you should be able to book back to back baby shoots for the rest of 2009 :-) Doesn't it just help to have such a cute model?

  • Andrea Carlyle

    And what a little character he has turned into. Looove the first one and enjoy the Maldives

  • Christine Meintjes

    Hi Jules. I hope you have a wonderful time in the maldives! You deserve a break! I hope you guys have a great holiday and these shots are absolutely gorgeous!! He is such a cute boy! Or should I say handsome :)

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