Lisa and Steve at Vrede en Lust

Another fantabulous wedding at the always-lovely Vrede en Lust  in Franschhoek on a beautifully still day in the Cape... mix in a down-to-earth and fab couple, gorgeous purple details and bridesmaids dresses, a pair of killer high heels and some adorable page boys...

Lisa and Steve at Vrede en Lust
lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_006.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_016.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_001.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_005.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_008.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_018.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_010.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_011.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_017.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_012.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_002.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_020.jpg lisa_and_steve_vrede_en_lust_franschhoek_019.jpg

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  • Stella

    Beautiful Jules!!!!!!!!

  • Justine Tempelhoff

    Stunning, stunning stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!

  • rebecca

    So beautiful, Jules x

  • nastassja harvey

    you work is amazing jules! i love the images you capture and how your photos are an amazing piece of art at the same time! x

  • Lauren Kriedemann

    lovely pics Jules xx

  • Selma

    Exquisite! LOVE the shoe shots:-)

  • Jules

    Thanks guys. Justine, you make me laugh!

  • Mar� Rootman

    lovely portrait of the bride! Jules, your work inspires me :)

  • Anne

    Breathtakingly beautiful pics and funny comments.

  • Nicola Reardon

    Special moments captured so beautifully! Stunning!

  • Katherine Reardon

    These pics are gorgeous!

  • Nicola Flynn

    I love your work :) beautiful!

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