I'll be completely honest - the past 10 days have been relentlessly endless. This blog is not generally a space where I share my personal life but I really did just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent sms's, flowers, cards, food, flowers, biral, organised details when I couldn't think... to those people who have chipped in for our counselling sessions and I've heard rumours about a weekend away somewhere? Honestly, everyone I know has been AMAZING. Which does ease this most awful hollow pain somewhat - it's just really nice to know that people out there care.

Thank you too for everyone who trekked out to Wellington on Sunday for Jude's memorial service as well as all the hands behind the scenes who made it happen... it was as beautiful as it could have been.

To all the other photographers I know who read my blog - this whole experience has made me realise that what we do for people is important. We tell it to our clients all the time - 'at the end of your big day, all you will really have to show for it are your photos'. This is so very true for life. Carry on taking amazing photos for people and know what you are doing makes a difference to people. It's easy to fall into the trap of getting competitive or super-creative in this industry. Just take beautiful images that your clients can treasure. It matters.

So slowly getting back into some sort of 'normality'. I'll be responding to emails sent in the next week or so. It was pretty cool the other day we were on the way to the memorial service and stopped for a coffee at Willowbridge. I'll be the first to admit we were swimming in way more than just a pond of self-pity, when I looked accross and saw some of my images printed huge for @Home. It did something to lift the spirits. This is one of the ones they've printed for sale and it is quite symbolic of how I've been feeling the past few days.



  • Hannes Loubser

    This is beautiful, Jules, thanks for sharing... Next stop: Acclaimed writer :-)! Keep this coming - I'm sure it's super therapeutic.

  • Christina Holt

    Thanks for sharing this Jules - we've all been thinking of you both and he 'how & why' is great to read some of your thoughts and to see that small steps are beginning to be possible again. The 'tristesse' in the picutre is powerful and you've got a talent for writing too :-)

  • Werner

    Agreed. Keep on writing Jules, and of course making the beautiful images you do. I am happy that we can, in some small way, be on the journey near you.

  • Monica Dart

    Babes, i can imagine how at times the frustration, anger and helplessness of what happened can play over like a stuck dvd. I love how you have opened up and written - you know how important it is to keep writing - as well as shooting, it is therapy for the soul. Your words to me sometimes when i've felt low of 'more is nog a dag' is just that. One breath, one moment, one gentle step at a

  • Anonymous

    It's such an awesome pic, think i have to go get me one to remember special times on your couch chatting with two of the most beautiful people in the world. Thanks for sharing this, such a crazy time trying to respond to a million people wanting to know where your heart is at. The main thing is that you know we love you and are holding you close and continue asking God for peace, strength and joy to get through one day at a time. (clogging up your website cause am finally in a place with a good internet connection :) xxx chat soon. mands

  • Alison Walker

    Jules, you are amazingly, mind-blowingly brave and strong. I don't know how you're doing it, but I am so proud of you. Remember to be kind to yourself and Simon and take the time when you need it. Sending lots of love.

  • AndreaC

    I want to write something, and somehow everything I type seems unimportant, inconsequential and irrelevant and I end up deleting it can my few words help? My heart thinks of you (and Simon) nearly each and every day.

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