Admired in Africa

With the summer season having been so busy it had slipped to the back of my mind that I had been interviewed in an online wedding magazine called Admired in Africa. I was really flattered to be featured as there are some other amazing wedding photographers interviewed so I was stoked to be ranked amongst them.

Just a brief description of what this magazine is about in case you're wondering: “Admired in Africa is about the best photographers in Africa currently working in Africa. Not the the arty, too cool for the world or the guns blazing into war zones guys. The one’s that are making a living photographing, photographing maternities, portraits, lifestyle, fashion and yes, weddings."

For anyone interested, you can read the interview here. Since a blog post isn't really complete without an image, I thought I'd put on the image that was used for the cover, taken at Lisl and Don's wedding at Kirstenbosch last year.

Admired in Africa


  • Michael Tree

    You deserve to be up there, you're images are an inspiration for me.

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