I stumbled into wedding photography 7 years ago and haven't looked back since. I love the thrill, excitement and pressure of a wedding day. Looking out for unique details, interesting light, amazing connections between couples and families - my aim is to create beautiful images that convey the emotion of your day

Jules Morgan

Aside from being an obsessed image-creator, I am a frequent shiraz and chardonnay inspector, coffee devotee, forever-hopeful gardener, obsessive notebook collector, enthusiastic adventurer and 'expressive' driver. I am grateful for my sometimes-saintly husband and my 5 children. (2 crazy labs, Mocha and Java, angel-baby Jude and earth-babies Mikaela & India)

Superficiality, red tape and flapping birds scare me.

Rainy days, simplicity and living in Africa feed my soul.

I am happiest barefoot. (Sometimes pregnant, too-often in the kitchen.)


Featured Work & Awards

I have also won numerous awards in the Sony Profoto Awards and Fujifilm Awards and my work has been featured in various magazines: